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Flitto – Fast & Best Translator App Review

[ 0 ] Posted by on December 10, 2017


Communication is a very important aspect of the modern life. Wherever people go abroad, they have to be understood and understand what foreigners are saying. It is good for travelers to know as many languages as they can. There are alternatives, such as carrying small dictionaries and guides for basic and common expressions. Due to the advancement of technology, things have evolved today and people can benefit from the use of smartphones applications, such as Flitto – fast & best translator. Any person who has an iPhone can use this app.

Flitto allows its users to translate more than seventeen languages and is completely free. The following languages are supported: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Hindu and many others. The app can be used in a fun way, as it allows you to request translations, but also to translate images, text and web comics. You can earn points and money doing this. The money can be donated to charity if you want to, but you can also keep it for yourself.

Flitto review

A great way to understand a foreign language is to have fun learning it. Flitto can translate web comics for you, so you can be able to understand foreign jokes and learn the language in the process. The strong point of the application is the fact that the translation is done by real individuals instead of software. More than three million real users are contributing to the magic of this app, making it fast, accurate and free. In order to request a translation, all you have to do is write, take a picture, or record a sound with your phone.

You will be able to translate text, images and even voice recordings. If you follow certain people who don’t speak your language on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, the program can translate their posts and you can make money from this translation. This can happen regardless of what you translate. Everything can bring you points or money. The money can be used in the Flitto store for acquiring food, drinks, gifts cards, accessories and other products.

Flitto – fast & best translator is a translation platform that three million people all over the world “conspire” to make it the best program of this type. Going into a foreign country without knowing the language is not a huge problem anymore. Technology is solving such problems more than ever. You can download the app for free and try it for yourself. The number of words that can be translated will surely amaze you.

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