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75 YouTube Tips and Facts I have Learnt from Blogging

[ 6 ] Posted by on January 24, 2011


YouTube is a pretty amazing service. For free (albeit a bit of time occasionally to view ads), you get access to a wide variety of different genres of video to watch as well as parodies, music video’s such as Katy Perry Part of Me and movie trailers of all types. As a blogger and a viewer, I have picked up a fair bit of knowledge surrounding YouTube of which I have decided to jot down below. If you are up for it, have a read through my 75 YouTube tips and facts.

YouTube Tips and Facts

1. Youtube is great for viral traffic and SEO (see 66.)
2. Never knowingly publish a video on your website which WILL offend (see 11.)
3. Seek copyright permission before publication of a video so you don’t get yourself sued by corporate giants
4. Do not be sucked in to Youtube troll’s comments
5. Create a good Youtube Channel if publishing videos
6. Market your Youtube Channel as much as possible
7. Offer viewers a video which IS valuable and NOT tat (see 8.)
8. Do not throw a bunch of images together with dance music in the background
9. Cat videos are awesome
10. People falling over can be funny, but painful
11. Racist and sexist remarks are a no go: Animal cruelty too
12. Youtube is not quality controlled, so expect to see some rubbish
13. Search Youtube just like Google, you will get more accurate videos
14. Colour code embedded videos to your blog so they look good
15. You need to have one of the latest flash players installed on your browser to see some videos
16. You have to have a Google account for videos which need one, e.g. ‘You may find this offensive’
17. Bullying happens on Youtube just like other social networks, although it is less targeted (see 18.)
18. Never disclose highly personal information on Youtube. Nobody needs to know your height, build, age or sex publically.
19. It would take over 1700 years to view every video on Youtube (see 20.)
20. Do not try to view every video on Youtube (see 19.)
21. You can download Youtube video’s to your PC: See
22.You can view videos from Youtube in HTML5: See
23. You can have a Youtube RSS feed: See
24. Youtube and Vimeo are completely different and for different purposes
25. Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world
26. Loud overpowering music on Youtube videos is a turn off
27. Get a good camera when uploading videos, HQ is a must
28. Do not judder your camera, invest in a stand if you can
29. 98% of people don’t want to see a naked lady poster behind you (see 30.)
30. Make sure your surroundings are good
31. The more draft videos you create the better
32. Don’t be afraid of messing up videos, stutters etc are only human
33. Video media is only going to get bigger, videos are the new text
34. Youtube is spammed ALOT, and if you spam people yourself you could get your user banned
35. Youtube accounts have been hacked before (mine included), use a strong password
36. Share videos that you like with friends, help the uploader out a little
37. Do not purchase Youtube views, this can lead to videos being de-indexed over time
38. Youtube can be viewed in 3D; add “yt3d:enable=true” to your video tags
39. Share your videos on Twitter (see 40.)
40. Use a URL shortener such as for Twitter Youtube promotion
41. Make sure you have a clear Youtube button on your website for easy channel access
42. Make sure you have not made HUGE mistakes in videos, pointing the camera at the sky for a prolonged period (N)
43. Invest in a decent microphone if your camera’s one is poor so people can hear you (budget required)
44. Title your video properly. ‘Ferrari 360 vs Lamorghini Gallardo’ is fine, but not if it isn’t a direct vs (see45)
45. Be specific, if your video is about specs, then title your video ‘Ferrari 360 specs vs Lamarghini Gallardo specs’
46. Brand your videos if you are a business
47. Playlist videos are highly popular (see 48.)
48. Part 1, part 2, part 3 videos are great for tutorials / reviews
49. Draw inspiration from other popular channels and learn
50. Suck up information and learn some more
51. Do not be misleading; (see 44 & 45)
52. Did I mention cat videos are awesome?
53. I did?
54. Okay
55. If you upload your video on Youtube before others, and it is a popular subject, expect mass interest
56. The most popular Youtube videos are related to animals / spoofs (see 57.)
57. Just because animals are popular doesn’t mean you should stick your cat next to you
58. Youtube is a lot like Facebook. Your video is going to get rated.
59. Don’t takle any crap from people. If they bully / harrass you, report them immediately (see 60.).
60. Your safety / feelings are important (see 61.)
61. Sticks and stones may break my bones… but i’m still going to report you
62. Sexually explicit content is against Google guidelines, however some videos remain
63. Youtube videos on your website CAN increase time on site
64. Internal linking to a video on your website can increase page views and time on site and reduce bounce rate
65. There is much more chance of a video going viral over a text article, and twice as much chance with a combination
66. Google states that social integration with your site is a ranking factor, so integrate it
67. Although Youtube is great, don’t upload a video and expect views, your content has to be of interest (see 68.)
68. Youtube is not all your eggs, so don’t just put Youtube in your basket
69. There is a Youtube app available for download on multiple mobile operating systems
70. Using a video to blog is referred to as ‘vlogging’
71. Be professional in your videos. Being whacky / different is fine, just don’t go mental (see 72.)
72. Not everybody is going to like your voice / face / whatever, so take it on the chin
73. Youtube has been translated in to over 24 languages
74. Youtube videos now show up in search results
75. The average time on site for a Youtube user is over 15 minutes
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  1. Wow, a load of really great tips Jakk :-)Took me a while to read them mind 😛

  2. Jakk says:

    Thanks Chris 🙂

  3. You are welcome :-)…and may I say, just seen your avatar and I am loving it!Really good logo? Is it a logo or just a representative image? Anyhow I like it 🙂 Off topic here but did you get my email about a possible link exchange between my philosophy blog and real home improvement? Thanks Jakk P 🙂 Christopher

  4. whirlpool says:

    wow, some great tips here, thanks!

  5. michanAlen says:

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