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A No-Nonsense Guide to Converting PDF to Word

[ 1 ] Posted by on August 5, 2013

PDF Editors

With an online converter you no longer have to fuss around with a complex application just to save PDF to Word. With this utility at your disposal, you’ll have ability to edit those documents just the way you want to.

How the Process Works

Unlike conversion programs that will require you to go through the help file, this online conversion is much quicker and easier to use. All you need to do is select the PDF files from your computer and click “Add Files” if you want to add more. When all the files have been added, click “start” to begin the conversion process.

Once all the PDF files have been converted into Word, you’ll be able to view and edit those files in Word. Since you’ll be able to download the files, you have permanent copies and you don’t need to repeat the conversion process with the same files.

The Benefits of Using the Word Format

There are many reasons why you’ll want to save files in Word format. It’s the most widely used word processor today, with the majority of offices, businesses and schools relying on it. This means people are very familiar with it and likely have it installed in their computer. If you’ve got a PDF file that needs to be sent to a colleague, the Word format is the best option.

Similarly if you have to edit a PDF file at the office or school, it’s almost certain you’re using Word or at the very least required to save the document in that format. It’s easy to see why this is so, as it’s the standard for office documents.

Once you’ve saved the file in Word format, you’ll be able to edit as you would any other file. You can use any font on your system, change colors, add images, change styles, add media, hyperlinks etc. You can then save the document or print it out.

Benefits of PDF

This doesn’t mean PDF isn’t without benefits of course. The PDF format has become very popular because of its cross platform use. What this means is as long as you have a PDF reader you’ll be able to view the file regardless of what your operating system is.

Another reason why PDF has become so popular is the layout and format remains intact. If for instance you saved Word into PDF, the fonts are not changed and everyone will see the file as it really is no matter what platform is being used. In addition to this, PDF provides you with extra security layers and digital signature.

Why a Conversion Utility is Essential to Boost Productivity

As you can both PDF and the Word format each have their own benefits, but they are not in competition with each other, but rather complementary. PDF files are designed for viewing files on the web and make them accessible to a wide range of users.

The Word format on the other hand, is best used if the PDF file has to be edited. While you can edit PDF files in this format, Word offers more options particularly if you need to do some extensive revisions.

Word processors by their nature are best suited for creating reports and the like. Once you are done you can save it as a PDF for distribution. That’s usually the case, but if you have a PDF file and need to edit it now, the best option is to save it in Word format. After the document has been saved into Word format, editing will be easier.

The Advantages of Online Conversion

By saving PDF as Word, you’ll be spared the trouble of having to retype the entire PDF document into Word. If the PDF is a multipage report with charts and tables, you can spend days working on that document. Errors will creep in and it will cost you a lot in terms of productivity and time. If you have a lot of PDF files then you can easily spend weeks working on them.

But if you decide to convert PDF to Word these problems can be avoided. Converting will allow you to take advantage of Word’s powerful features and format the document as you like.

Bio: Charlotte D. Buckler is an online freelance writer who has had the opportunity to use different ways to convert PDF to Word. Charlotte is also a blogger who loves to write about technology, video games and other techie topics. She lives in Hollywood, Florida.

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  1. I think converting files should be better known about. I know that it can be tough to do, but it does make editing PDFs so much easier and quicker (plus at a cheaper cost).

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