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Break out of YouTube! Converting your favorite videos has now become easier than ever!

[ 0 ] Posted by on February 12, 2017

You no longer have to be confined to the Internet when you want to enjoy YouTube content. Technology’s rapid advancements are making it more and more simple to achieve tasks that would have consumed a lot of precious time in the past.

Here are some examples of how speed works wonders in today’s day and age, compared to the past. The best example to illustrate this is how the Internet has taken over what you could only do with installation-based programs in the past.

Photo editing made easy

Who has the time to learn how to work a super high tech, complicated editing program, when all you need is an internet connection and the ability to copy-paste? Like every online editing tool out there, the number one priority of such an application is user-friendliness. This brave task can only be achieved by keeping things as simple as possible for users.

What can be easier than accessing a web page and quickly downloading the finished results when you’re done? No muss, no fuss, no more time wasted.

Especially in the field of photography, being able to edit online is an extremely worthwhile element, due to the fact that you no longer need to stockpile files on your device.

Video to mp3 converting


Sure, we could simply list as an example here. It is a hugely inspirational platform that’s slowly but surely replacing television, as means of entertainment.

Nevertheless, with tools based on popular platforms offering their users so many advantages and alternatives to take advantage of,  coming up with new ideas and more creative ways to use audio files is never more than a click away.


For example, nowadays you can download every YouTube video of your choice, in audio form, to any device, instantly. It’s as simple as doing 5 elementary steps.

  1. Open the video in any browser of your choice
  2. Copy the URL of the desired YouTube video
  3. Go to and paste the link in the search box
  4. Press the Convert to MP3 button
  5. The search box becomes a Download button after the conversion is finished. Press the button to download the new mp3 to your device


That’s all, folks!

The same principle applies to any of the free online tools out there, giving people amazing opportunities to express their own individualities through music, videos, images, without any specialized knowledge or learning curve whatsoever.


Telephones and communication devices

Who would have ever thought that communicating face to face would be possible for free, anywhere in the world? Probably not Alexander Graham Bell, when he patented the telephone. Nevertheless, without even noticing, we have become accustomed to communicating not only instantly, but also with full face-to-face options.

There is also a huge array of application to choose from, each with its own unique features.

Take Skype for example. It has been constantly upgrading its services ever since it was first launched. Now, it has become synonymous with video calling worldwide.

Get down to basics

Simplicity is trending right now. The one thing all of these tools have in common is the long, and still ongoing, evolutionary road they have undergone.

The high quality possible nowadays allows for a lot of cutting down on unnecessary features and only focusing on what users really need.

How online video converters combat stress

According to recent studies, small amounts of stress can be helpful for keeping people alert and motivated. Too much stress, however, can quickly become overwhelming. A good way to prevent this is decluttering your small projects. Even though it seems like a nonexistent problem, the total amount of time you save will add up and you are bound to see significant differences in your productivity levels by simply reducing the amount of time you spend doing small tasks.

Now’s the time for huge playlists

Music can also be closely related to stress and a great way to combat it, and nothing can be more accessible nowadays than listening to music in any way, shape, or form you prefer.

Creating large playlists makes this a comfortable endeavor, and the mp3 is the perfect file type to accomplish this with. That’s why the mp3 format is maintaining its popularity even though there are many other available formats out there. The reason why this is such a smart kind of format is the way it compressed data. You might have heard of lossy compression. This is the kind of data reduction mp3 uses to keep file size extremely small. The way this kind of compression is achieved is by eliminating that data which is not useful, and that the human ear cannot perceive anyway. Whereas a lossy compression might not be the best choice for image files, when it comes to audio, it proves to be extremely advantageous.

Balance – the only road to greatness

Even though there are those who claim this kind of file format has an inferior level of quality, compared to others, it actually does the task of maintaining the ideal balance between quality and size. By using mp3 format, a user is able to store a lot of files, without sacrificing audio quality, so it’s safe to conclude that the versatility it brings to the table is extremely impressive.

Keeping all things balanced is always key to creating not only a productive environment but also steady growth and pleasant surroundings.

This is why, in the field of music especially, all music lovers should try to apply this concept to the way they use and handle their beloved experience so as to really get the most out of it.

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