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Easy Way to Keep Your Documents Safe from Unfair Users

[ 0 ] Posted by on June 16, 2017


The rhythm of modern life makes us all the time to be flexible and adapt to the ever-changing conditions. That is why authors and publishers, who offer digital products, need to think about copy protection.

There are several methods available to all to protect documents from copying and authorized use:

  1. Archived files with a password.
  2. Java applets to prevent video and document copying/downloading from a web site.
  3. Invisible ink and watermarks.
  4. Anti-Piracy Royal Navy… Yarr!

All that is nothing in the face of those who really want to hack your files. So, it is necessary to use professional tools to get hard protection for the files which will generate your revenue.

Please meet, an authentic service that stuffed with many interesting features that will be useful to any self-respecting publisher.

Instead of introducing

If you ever used desktop software, you should know how copy protection works. Just launch an app, copy a serial number and paste it to a required field. Click OK and that’s all!

Protected with documents work exactly the same way. It’s easy and convenient for everyone who gets in touch with PCs and MACs.


Here the ease of use is faced with high technology. If you really need to protect your documents from pirates, there is nothing better than Let’s look why.

Registration protects documents automatically, so nobody will see what is protected. To prevent interception we use HTTPS connection. Privacy first!

You can choose one of the three types of protection projects while registration


Electronic documents, books, images.

The service accepts the following file formats: PDF, DOC, RTF, XLS, JPG, PNG, GIF. All other formats that are not included in this list must be converted to PDF. However, in the end you will still get a protected file with the SFPDF extension regardless of the format of the source file. You can choose this type to make strong copy protection for PDF files or books.

Video, audio content.

You can protect files in the format of AVI, MPEG, MP4, VOB, SWF, MP3, WMA, WAV, etc. But, if the desired format does not appear, you can simply convert your videos into one of the supported formats.

Website HTML pages

Copy protection for HTML documents (not web sites), including graphics, JavaScript scripts, Flash objects, video, CSS, Java applets and other files.


Here you will simply be able to perform a protection process that will be understandable to any user, without special technical knowledge right from your personal account via any browser.


It is enough to upload a necessary file, select watermark settings (if you need) and start protection. The service itself will do everything for you. Just enjoy the process.

Serial Numbers

Next, after protection, serial numbers must be generated for distribution to users, like serials for software that you use every day. They are required to activate protected files. This item you will find in your personal account. It involves fine-tuning the serial number, if necessary. For example, to restrict the use of a protected file by time, geographically, etc.


After all the procedures are carried out, you can safely proceed to spread.

In addition, after the distribution begins, you can view information about the generated and activated serial numbers, revoke access to a certain serial number, add it to the black list and change the settings, if you need. All this is available on the “Reporting and management” tab.

Viewing of protected files

The service provides a special free  app – StarForce Reader, which allows you to open protected documents on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.


For video files – a special multimedia player, which comes along with protected videos. It runs only on devices with desktop Windows OS on a board. Don’t be sad about it, because we are developing a player for Android, which will soon see the whole world.

The principle of protection in both cases is unified: a user can view files only on devices where a serial number has been activated. We call it “binding”. It is provided with our special DRM system for books, educational materials, videos and other content.

You can create as many copies of protected files as possible, but none of them will work on any device without activation. So it’s better not to get carried away and spend time on something more pleasant.

In case a user wants to make a screenshot of the screen, he/she will get on the output a picture in the form of a black square. It became available with the new unique the “Black Box” technology. Do not confuse with Malevich’s Black Square, you may see it only in The Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

Key benefit: pay once – use forever

You can find several solutions to solve the emerging problem of protecting electronic documents. has one huge advantage among others, which is ideal for both publishers and developers of educational materials.

The service offers conditional “endless” protection to files regardless will you use the service after protection and paid for it or not. All once protected files will remain protected ’till the end of time. Don’t believe us? Just try it and feel the difference!


We provide you exclusive free access to the service within 14 days. With the fact that you get a full functional for the term of the test time, it will be possible to understand exactly whether it suits you.

Who runs the world? Privacy! That’s right!

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