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Enhance Your Peace of Mind With Security Cameras

[ 0 ] Posted by on February 13, 2017

ACTI IP camera

You have a business or home to protect, yet you cannot be everywhere at all times. A security camera does so much more than just capture criminal activity. It gives you the peace of mind you need to know that you have a system in place designed to enable you to go back in time to get justice and enhance your own safety. Not only are criminals more likely to be deterred with the presence of security cameras, a host of other activities can be captured on the images that will assist you in a variety of ways as you work to take care of your own property.

Types of Security Cameras

The security industry continues to evolve with the addition of new technology. There are a variety of different types of cameras now available to the home and business owner. For those that are seeking a low budget solution, box security cameras provide great outdoor protection, albeit in a non-weather protected enclosure. The camera is only useful during the day, making it ideal for a business that is striving to cut down on employee time abuse or outdoor theft during business hours.

For those that would like to have functional cameras both day and night, the bullet variety is quite popular. These do not required any type of additional housing, and the infra red capability will produce crystal clear images even when it is pitch black outside. For indoor use, dome security camera give you the angles that you need to view a large room with a panoramic picture. They can be mounted in a way that they are almost invisible, making them a great way to review footage from a crime or to ensure that staff or family members are acting as they should.

Storing Video Footage

One of the great advantages of security cameras is that all footage can be stored for later review. This is helpful for businesses and residences alike. Naturally, the amount of storage depends on your particular needs. After a certain amount of the time, the digital storage can simply be overwritten with new footage. This enables you to go back and review a certain amount of video in order to capture the moment of a crime, or to do quality control as needed.

Common Features

People today make use of security devices for a variety of reasons. No longer are security cameras stationary devices that only capture one particular angle. Newer models will allow for pan, tile, and zoom capabilities. Many will even allows users to control them remotely, zeroing in on a particular location at will, and live if needed. Newer models are also weatherproof, ensuring their functionality in all types of adverse weather situations.

Many security cameras today offer centralized management systems. This is particularly useful for business that have multiple locations, or individuals who have a vacation home that they would like to check in from time to time. They are also durable enough to withstand most types of vandalism, which provides an extra layer of security as well. For those that do not want to go through the expense of a complete system, dummy cameras are also available. These looks like the real thing and are believed to account for a reduction in crime.

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