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Top CES 2013 Predictions: What to Expect in the Coming Days

[ 2 ] Posted by on January 3, 2013

ces 2013

2012 was a fantastic year for consumer technology and at last years’ CES, we were treated to some wonderful technology offerings from the likes of Acer with the Iconia Tab A700, Lenovo with the likes of the Ideapad S2, Razer with their gaming tablet and multiple smartphone manufacturers took to the stage to announce a flurry of great handsets for the year to come. Top picks included the thoughtfully designed Sony Xperia S and the LG Spectrum, a 4.5-inch IPS smartphone.

With those rather nifty products being announced practically this time last year, their specification sheets look eerily old hat right now. Of course that is to be expected, what with the super fast paced world of consumer electronics, and so this year we are easily able to predict that CES 2013 is going to feature some truly wonderful next generation devices. Here are some of our top predictions for one of this years’ biggest technology events:

Tegra 4

Nvidia loves a big event and in less than 5 days they will likely unveil their Tegra 4 chipset, which will likely feature within a few demo models of smartphones running them. The Tegra 4 is rumoured to feature four processing cores as found in the HTC One X, Galaxy SIII, but could boost the graphical processing units (GPUs) to a huge 72 cores meaning it should have no problem dealing with the slew of 1080p smartphones we are likely to see in 2013. Speaking of those 1080p phones…

1080p smartphones

It is a given that 2013’s flagship smartphones are going to feature 1080p displays, and rumours of smartphones which have them, such as the Sony Xperia Z and HTC J Butterfly, are in the wild. Some say that the uses for a 1080p display are a little pointless, what with the average user being unable to tell the difference between a 1080p one and 720p one side by side, however you can throw these claims away right now. 1080p smartphones will take centre stage in 2013, and at CES is just a few short days, you’ll be treated to a slew of them, some of which will cause real lust.

Samsung Galaxy Skin

I am really looking forward to this one. Flexible screen technology has been on the horizon for a number of years and CES has even shown off some prototypes from Samsung previously, yet for 2013, rumours have circulated that a new smartphone dubbed the ‘Galaxy Skin’ may be demoed to the world. The smartphones display will be able to be bent or rolled up, with thanks to a plastic polymer covering in place of traditional hard wearing Corning glass, allowing for a wealth of practical uses.

Ultra HD TV’s

For those new to the phrase Ultra HD, I’ll refer you to our TV terminology guide. Essentially Ultra HD is the new official term for 4K technology, the next step up from ‘Full HD’ which is currently 1080p. It is expected that multiple TV manufacturers including Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, LG and Panasonic will unveil new Ultra HD televisions for us to lust over and wish we had in our living rooms, however what each individual manufacturer has to offer is not know just yet. And from two big TV manufacturers…


Samsung have promised something big for CES, however with their regular smartphone releases coinciding with MWC or for their flagships their very own events, rumours have circulated that Samsung may introduce some truly stunning 2013 model TV’s for the world to crave. We already covered recently that Samsung unveiled their Evolution Kit for 2012 TV’s, however CES is all going to be about Ultra HD (or for the oldies out there, 4K). Samsung has long been for many the brand to have when it comes to televisions, and as such, the world the be watching their releases as will competitors to see what is in store.


Much like Samsung, LG is likely to be incredibly keen on showcasing its range of next generation televisions. New form factors and Ultra HD offerings are likely to be on the cards, and just like Samsung, LG may take this time to unveil a few lesser smartphone offerings for early 2013 adopters. LG is considered to be one of the more affordable television manufacturers within the UK, yet it is unlikely they will be showcasing an Ultra HD TV which us mere average consumers can afford. Despite this, LG is always one manufacturer to look out for at CES.

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  1. AJ says:

    Good post, what did you think of what was featured this year? I was excited for the Samsung releases and watched most of my coverage online this year: I thought they did well on CES TV highlighting the show overall.

  2. Harry says:

    Hi AJ I tuned in to Real for some coverage. I didn’t write this post however I really liked Polaroid’s booth and the HTC Butterfly.

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