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Top Fitness Apps, 5 Fitness Apps to get you Fit

[ 0 ] Posted by on September 21, 2012

fitness apps

While many of us plan to follow an exercise routine and get fit, finding the motivation and time to go to the gym can be tough. However, smartphone users will find the motivation they need right at their fingertips thanks to a range of fitness apps. These apps cover a range of essential fitness aspects, from planning an exercise programme to monitoring your progress. What follows is an overview of some of the top fitness apps that are currently available for smartphones.


Covering a range of 14 different sports including skiing and cycling, SmartRunner helps you to monitor the speed, distance, time and calories you burn while taking part in your favourite sport. At the end of your session you can also upload your progress to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to help you stay focused.

Adidas MiCoach

People who need help forming their own weight loss or training plan are sure to find Adidas MiCoach useful. All you need to do is fill in details such as your height, weight, age and goals and a series of personalised programmes are created for you to choose from. The app also provides you with running and cycling routes and voice prompts to keep you motivated while taking part in your choice of fitness activity.

Cardio Trainer

The Cardio Trainer offers users a choice of distance or time goals that cover an impressive range of 42 different sports. As soon as you start your training the on-screen interactive map tracks your route. You can upload your stats at the end of each session, allowing you to track your progress and make sure that you push yourself a little harder during each successive session.

Nike+ GPS

This popular running application from Nike is now available for the iPhone. Instead of having to rely on the shoe sensor to track your runs you can now use GPS as well as the iPhone’s accelerometer to map your running speed, distance travelled and current location. Another top feature of this leading fitness app include the power song function, which is sure to help inspire you to keep on going when you start to run out of steam. This app is great for sports such as golf, and if you have custom club fitting, the Nike + GPS combination will make your play even better.

Sports Tracker

In addition to a range of 12 popular sports including skiing and rowing, the Sports Tracker app also allows you to add your own sports of choice in the six designated slots. In addition to the standard tracking and sharing functions offered by other fitness apps, this app provides post-exercise analysis, which comes complete with easy to understand graph that detail your progress.

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