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4 of the greatest advancements in Technology

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The world of on-demand media has always been accepted as the future of digital storage and delivery, but has traditionally been held back by the complications of supplying households and businesses with internet speeds capable of streaming large batches of data in a reliable, timely fashion. Now, though, thanks to the competitive and lucrative internet provider market, blazing fast fibre-optic internet is the norm and streaming Blu Ray quality content is both practical and preferable to owning physical media. This technological advancement allows the customer to benefit from greater versatility in terms of choosing content and the ability to enjoy video games, blockbusters and the best of television however it suits.

As internet speeds and bandwidth limits continue to grow in leaps and bounds, we’re unlikely to struggle with throttling, even when the highly anticipated Ultra HD format becomes the accepted standard in the next couple of years. Almost every platform is equipped to provide entertainment through an ‘on-demand’ service, so if you’re looking to save physical space, on-demand is undoubtedly the way to go.

High-definition graphics

If you’re familiar with the Crysis series, or have been awed by visual masterpieces such as the revamped ‘Cosmos’ or the acclaimed ‘Blue Planet’, you’ve already experienced the thrills of immersive HD media. 2006 saw the true inception of Blu Ray, enabling us to appreciate every complex detail of each individual frame on screen. Consequently DVDs and standard def media were instantly a forgotten relic of the past, as the first batch of Blu Ray releases were rolled out; including the likes of the jaw-dropping ‘House of the Flying Daggers’ and a special re-release of James Cameron’s ‘Terminator’. We’re now eagerly-awaiting Ultra HD, which was officially announced in 2015, and enthusiasts are already shopping for TV’s capable of handling such a resolution. 35mm film boasts a resolution far beyond what we’ve been able to effectively reproduce via home media, but these leaps forward in graphical presentation have moved us ever closer to realising the potential of 35mm.

Virtual Reality

 It would be difficult to describe the short-lived, and much maligned ‘Virtual Boy’ as a success, and the halcyon days of Virtual Reality are likely still to come. Nevertheless, virtual reality, done effectively, places the user into a different reality from their own, this could be a scenario such as extreme sports or sightseeing on an exotic archipelago. With the expansion of independent content creation, and increasing availability of hardware capable of developing quality virtual reality, the drive to develop this technology has never been higher.

Oculus Rift challenges wearers to ‘step into the rift’, and is a frontrunner when it comes to taking virtual reality to the next level. Boasting state of the art low-latency constellation tracking to imitate the feeling of true presence, the Oculus Rift means that there is no such thing as a suspension of belief when it comes to virtual reality.

Facial recognition

Useful for entertainment, security as well as advanced design and animation; facial scanning software has allowed us to faithfully reproduce movement and accurate representations of the human face in 3 dimensions.

Looking to the future of facial recognition, technologists are focused on adapting attributes such as emotion into the workings of applications and games. One example would see the intensity of a game adapt to telltale expressive signs, such as fear, panic; or, alternatively, boredom.

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