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An Affordable Professional 3D Printer? Form 1 Kickstarter Project aims to make it so

[ 1 ] Posted by on September 27, 2012

Form 1 3D Printer

If one thing in life is certain during this digital age, Kickstarter is a fantastic way for budding entrepreneurs to get their ideas and personalities invested in. As proved with E-ink watches amongst other tech ideas, entrepreneurs have for a good few years been able to use Kickstarter as a platform for getting their concept made in to a real product. The latest concept and project to grab headlines is called the ‘Form 1’, which whilst you may not have guessed yet, is an affordable 3D printer for consumers, and the amazing thing is this; it already met its Kickstarter goal within 1 day of going live.

Now consumer focused 3D printers are nothing new within the technology world, and some can be had for a couple of hundred pounds if you shop around, however the Form 1 aims to change creative design for good. Using the more accurate method of stereolithography versus extrusion, the Form 1 will be a highly advanced 3D printer which will create incredibly accurate moulds by blasting liquid plastic with a laser, causing the resin to cure. The thought for the product came from graduates from MIT Media Lab, after testing the technology as part of their projects. Creating the company to make the product, Formlabs, was just the start; using Kickstarter, the graduates asked for $100,000 to get their product off the ground, however within a single day that number was smashed: at this time, over $400,000 has been pledged, and all 25 initial printers claimed by investors.

To look at the 3D printer it is not what you would expect either. Sporting a rather gorgeous design incorporating brushed aluminium at its base and a clear orange plastic shell over working components, the Form 1 is a fantastic looking bit of kit and sure to win the hearts of many 3D print enthusiasts around the globe.

Formlabs have also been quick to talk about support for the product after initial launch. At first they state that the machine will ship with their first plastic; a type of matt grey for look and feel products, which will be extended by different colour palettes in time.

The Kickstarter project for the Form 1 3D printer is still open for funding at this time. $39 will net you a cool 3D printed matt grey ‘gyrocube’, whilst a higher investment of $2,299 you will get the full works; the printer, 1L resin and form finish kit.

To find out more about this very exciting project, simply go this Kickstarter page.

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