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Can you boost mobile phone signal at home?

[ 0 ] Posted by on September 3, 2017


Yes, you can boost your mobile phone signal at home using several different methods.  There are two options that should solve any and all cellular reception problems in residential or even non-residential areas, and are offered by some of the various cellular service providers.  The price of the devices varies based on who you buy it from, and where you are buying it for; in a poor coverage area for personal/home use, they are less pricey, while for large areas where coverage may be suffering from too many people, the price can be quite high.

Option 1: Signal booster

Mobile phone signal booster is handy little device that boost cellular reception in areas where coverage may be poor.  You can find out if your carrier offers mobile phone signal boosters simply by going to their website; you can also just use a Google search to find signal boosters that are offered from various websites for various cellular service providers.

What they do is provide an increase in the signal from a nearby tower, increasing your cell phone’s signal, though their range of effect varies between makes and models.  The price range for signal boosters is quite large, and depending on your service provider may be provided for free, or a small charge or deposit, especially if you live in an area known to have poor coverage.  These devices boost cell phone signal in a small area, and generally are useful for someone who just wants their home to have better reception.

Option 2: “Small Cell”

A “Small Cell” is essentially a mini cellular tower.  It is a low power access node that can provide coverage in areas where cellular signals may be weak.  Most cellular providers actually use small cells to increase their coverage range and network capacity.  They generally have a range of a few meters up to several kilometers, and can be used to connect to various providers’ signals.  You will have to buy one that can connect to your specific provider though.

Price range various depending on the range of the device, with large range devices costing much more than low range devices.  These devices may be offered by service providers, so just ask; you may even find that you get a discount if you live in an area that is known to have poor reception.  However, you will want to look around for other options, because most providers will offer devices that work for their network only, and the price may be rather high.   “Small Cells” are the best option if you wish to boost cell phone signal for a large area, such as an office building or apartment.

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