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Connect Your Smart Phone to a “Smart” Printer

[ 0 ] Posted by on November 2, 2010

hp smart printer

The world today is getting “smarter,” and in no small thanks to the slew of mobile phones that do pretty much everything for the consumer except breathe. Along with Web access and a wide variety of downloadable applications, smart phones can now add printing capabilities to their ever-growing list of functions.

There are several ways for smart phones to connect to a printer. Some can hook up with a cable cord like a traditional computer-to-printer, but most prototypes are advancing to the wireless stage where documents and images from computers andsmart phones can be sent to printers via Bluetooth and

Wi-Fi or even printed directly from a touch screen built into the printer with Web access. Some will even have individual e-mail addresses in order to receive files in the inbox and prepared for printing.

HP Photosmart printers, for example, have released a line of printers with touch screens and wireless capabilities that eliminate the middle man process of sending files to computers in order to print. They also come pre-installed with document templates and photo editors so that you can make any last-minute changes directly before printing, saving the hassle of returning back to the computer and having to open the application all over again.

In essence, the Web and printer are slowly on their way to becoming a single entity. Anything connected to the Web can now be printed directly without having to go through a computer, and this has now begun to include smart phones. As the web comes up with more ways to merge all of its applications and platforms together, smart printers will provide a launching pad for future smart phone capabilities.

Apps For Smart Printers

With smart phones on the rise and computer operating systems streamlining to become more user-friendly, it was only a matter of time before printers adopted the app concept. Apps, or applications as they are formally known as, are essentially software programs that enable a variety of functions. They also allow easier access and usage of certain programs to help save on time in becoming a more practical feature that is applicable to everyday life.

One of the most useful and popular apps has been Google Maps. The Google Map app has been used regularly on computers as well as smart phones due to the high need of people searching for places and directions at any given time. Before, when Google Maps was simply another branch site of Google, users had to access the site, type in the destination, and then print manually from a computer. The advent of smart printers has enabled access to find directions and print them all on one platform, due to the Google Map app installed into the smart printer’s mini operating system.

Smart printers and their apps will only continue to be on the rise as printer companies further develop prototypes to exceed the current efficiency of computer-to-printer platforms.

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