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Deciding which Color Laser Printer Offers the Most Bang for your Buck

[ 1 ] Posted by on October 2, 2012

colour laser printer

Once upon a time, technology only provided things in black and white. When television first arrived, it was only available in black and white. When laser printers were first created, guess what? They were only available in black and white. Back then, it was easy to choose a laser printer. They were all basically the same and there were only a handful to choose from.

As you can probably imagine, today, things are much different. Not only are color laser printers a reality now, but the current market is flooded with them. Deciding which color laser printer is best for your situation can actually end up being quite the challenge. With so many to choose from, and so many possible options, you could spend an entire day just trying to determine which one fits your wants and needs. The color laser printer menu is loaded with choices that nearly every laser printer shopper could want. Here are some tips on what to look for, when you are shopping for a color laser printer.

Always Consider Two Prices

Your budget will always determine which color laser printer is going to end up in your home or office, but many people overlook the simple fact that all printers have two prices. You will obviously have to pay for the actual printer at the time of purchase, but there is another cost involved. You will also have to pay for toner cartridges during the life of the printer. Some color laser printers are more efficient than others; learning which ones need toner replacement the least can amount to huge savings.

There is a common trap that many consumers fall into when they are buying printers and this trap is simple enough to avoid. The cheapest printer on the shelf will often be the one that ends up costing more throughout its life. Manufacturers practically give the actual printer away, but during the course of a year, you quickly learn that you have paid for a dozen of these printers in cartridges and other supplies. Don’t take the bait; don’t always buy the cheapest printer. That brings us to the next valuable (sometimes overlooked) point:  shelf space.

Will It Fit?

This is another common problem for people. They get worked up about purchasing a new color laser printer, but they don’t know how much free space they have. They get the printer back to their home or office, just to discover … it doesn’t fit. They either have to move stuff around or get an entire new desk. Before you decide on a color laser printer, make sure you know if it will fit where you want it to go.

Speed or Quality

This is the next important decision to make. There are two very different reasons why a person may want to buy a color laser printer. They may want a printer that is extremely fast or they may want a printer that prints photo quality pictures. It can be difficult to find a color laser printer that offers high speed printing while, at the same time, offering extremely high quality prints. You will have to make up your mind about which features are the most vital to you.

Will Sound Be an Issue?

One thing people gloss over is the actual sound that the printer makes. If your color laser printer is going in a printing room where there won’t be any people, it doesn’t really matter. On the other hand, if your new color laser printer is being used at, say, a small home office, sound might be an issue. Some printers are very loud while others are just as quiet. You will pay more for a printer that is quieter. Make sure you find out if the printer’s noise level if you plan on using it in a setting that receives more traffic. There’s nothing like having to answer the phone while a loud printer is printing in the background. It can be even worse if you are trying to concentrate; a loud printer can be quite the distraction.

It can be difficult sorting through all the color laser printers available on the market today, but if you keep these suggestions in mind, finding the color laser printer that is perfect for your situation will be a simple ordeal.

Marley Smith is a contributing writer who, working in her home office in Denver, has gone through a nearly endless parade of printers. True to the adage, she “writes what she knows.”

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  1. Gavin says:

    No one in their right mind wants a noisy printer. Geez, I made the mistake of buying a printer that sounded like a monster truck several years ago. So many unpleasant afternoons spent in my home office with my ears plugged.

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