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FastFeed – Multi-Tab App for Enhanced Social Network Experience

[ 0 ] Posted by on March 1, 2017

FastFeed app

The incredible thing about mobile devices is the fact that they offer to every user a previously unseen level of usability. When it comes to their everyday use, mobile devices allow connectivity from almost any place. Because of this, the users can be located outside of their home or office, and still receive all the advantages of using a computer. But, regular laptops or desktop configurations still manage to provide features that are often unavailable on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Multi-tab surfing is one of these advantages, but now, this useful feature found its way to the mobile market.

Concerto is the name of the company which decided to offer its users multi-tab approach. They produced an app package called FastFeed was made for the Apple mobile devices. It works on iOS operating system and need version 6.0 or a more recent edition, and the FastFeed apps are compatible with the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod touch. Concerto developers produced additional optimization to FastFeed for the iPhone 5 platform. The apps found on iTunes and installed for free.

The core concept of this app is the fact that it offers a multi-tab experience for social networking applications. But, the really innovative thing about FastFeed is the fact that it comes in three separate apps that are additionally specialized for popular social networks of Tumblr, Instagram and 500px.

FastFeed iOS app review

The dynamic options that all three apps present include a multi-tab navigation, which will provide a more natural way of browsing. With it, the users can open any feed link in a new tab, making it easy to keep up with new content that the users encounter. Tapping action opens up the tab menu, which offers “close this” option, but also “close all but this” and tab history; because of the last feature, visiting an old page is very simple. With a gesture control and auto hide option the app remains very integrated with the rest of the operating system.

Apps also offer a changeable grid and flow layouts that are controlled by motion gestures (tap and swipe), scrolling customization (for example, locking the scroll down option for any gesture), content display that is flexible for both landscape and portrait, as well as a support for viewing images in full screen mode. But, specialized apps for the previously mentioned social networks provide even more.

FastFeed for Tumblr lets users post a variety of content, including photos, links, chats, quotes, videos and texts, which is a great option for all those who use a mobile device on the move. Tumblr also offers an offline posting option which can upload content when a device receives an Internet connection. Currently, the app does not support ask or reply options, fan mail, tracking by tags or notifications.

The 500px FastFeed version allows users to filter photos and images by category titles, using a keyword or a tag to search for photos (which are then sorted by either rating or date of posting) and includes even a NSFW (Not safe for work). This setting will be really helpful in any business environment. At the same time, the app does not allow users to post photos on this network.

FastFeed for Instagram gives to its users the incredible option of exploring and enjoying images and photos by using a map, which provides a completely new experience of this network. The app does not allow the users to produce new posts for Instagram.

Because of its incredible flexibility, FastFeed is without a doubt way ahead of its competition. While other apps unsuccessfully tried to cover just some of these multi-tab options, FastFeed features them all. All this makes FastFeed the ideal app for those who desire a multi-tab social network experience on mobile devices.

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