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Graffitier: The Future of Social Networking

[ 0 ] Posted by on June 9, 2017


Graffitier is that one Android app that best underscores the message that you only live once; why don’t you live it fully! With a sleek and intuitive design, the app allows you to relish each moment of your life, share it on your social networking platforms indicating the location you are in and be awed as likes, comments and shares start trickling in one after the other. The app also allows you to make friends, follow social issues trendsetters and listen to other people stories as you narrate your own.

What can you do with the Graffitier app

Similar to other social networking sites, graffitier allows you post your social updates, capture images and record video which you then share with your friends. However, different from other social sites, they allow you to tag your location through the ‘show on map’ slider so that your friends can know where you are and maybe join you in the fun. You are also able to edit your photo, caption and annotate them with a brush stroke here and there so that they look absolutely glamorous before you post them.

Engagement on graffitier is great since you are able to interact with people around your location if you want to. In other words, the app brings people together. If for example someone posts a status with a location tag that they are having coffee at Starbucks and you happen to be in the same location, you can walk to them and say ‘hi’. The app is also great when you want weather information about places since those who are in that location would post and say how the weather is like.

Reception in the market

Easy to use thanks to the friendly user interface, Graffitier has been hailed as the best social networking platform especially when you want to engage with people around your location. Reviewed as the future of social networks, the app has been highly acclaimed for the best platform to express yourself, engage with others and explore what is around you. Other users have praised it for the great interface that allows them to share their moments as well as read and watch other people’s lives.

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