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How to save printer ink

[ 0 ] Posted by on June 4, 2018

Printer Ink

One of the most common complaints that comes from people who work in offices or at home is the high cost of ink or toner cartridges. Yes it’s true; it can be a very costly component of running an office, particularly for people who need to print a lot of pages. Of course, we should all be trying to minimise our overall printing needs as much as we can – and while we do most of the time, sometimes it’s unavoidable for us, and we do need to print some pages.

To help you save, we have created some money saving printing tips. Many of these tips are basically tried and true and can be implemented straight away, but some have some downsides or some cost up front, so you need to think carefully before you implement them.

  1. When you are buying a printer make sure you find one that has a low cost per page printed. Many printers you’ll find have a low cost price, and you go for them because they’re cheap! This low cost might seem like a bonus, but when you think about the cost of ink and the cost of toner, you’ll probably find out that you are paying more for this kind of printer in the long run.

Trying to find out how much it costs per page means that it pays to do your research, so that you don’t get stuck with a printer that has a huge cost per page. There is one problem with this – the most economical cartridges you’ll find out often the highest capacity, and therefore among the most expensive ones. Although you’ll have to change them less often, you will have to pay more upfront, so factor this in to your initial outlay.

  1. Take your brochure printing in house! Some laser printers are more than capable of creating excellent quality graphics, photos and text printouts at a quality that is totally suitable to use in basic marketing handout pamphlets. If you buy a high-quality laser printer you can get rid of the need and the cost of sending a print shop, and this saves you money overall.
  1. Make sure that all of your printing is done double-sided and use the feature as often as you can! Most printers that are sold today will include the option to let you print on both sides of a sheet of paper. Lots of vendors now ensure that their laser printers have double-sided printing as the default setting. Just remember when you do need to print something that is single sided just to change it over to that setting – so you don’t waste paper.
  1. Think before you print. You can reduce your overall need for printing and printed pages, by only printing out what you actually need to see. Why would you print out the four pages of legal writing at the end of a statement from your bank when all you needed was the meat of the document? The same goes for printing something online – while they blog piece is a great to take into your meeting, did you really need those 250 comments and that argument between users Onion_Jim_72 and Sonic Baum about particle theory? And if you think about it, do you really need a hard copy of that 25 page report or can you simply read it on your iPad screen?
  1. Control your settings. Many printers will come with some software that allows you to access and tweak many of your functions for your printer. You can change the margins, the settings, and the printing style to make sure that you are printing in the most economical way possible. Consider changing the ink-saving settings and the toner-saving settings to ensure that you’re saving whenever you can.
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