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New Home-owners: Financing your Technology, a Good Idea?

[ 0 ] Posted by on November 19, 2012

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We all know that feeling (well, adults do). You’ve just moved in to a new house, you’ve moved everything across from your old one which you own, yet there is something missing. Did you forget to bring your coffee table? Nope, that’s not it. Did you perhaps leave your cat behind? Nope, definitely not, I can hear her scratching my sofa already. So what is it?

When one moves in to a new home it is very easy to get all misty eyed and dream of a fresh new start and a whole new you. The house is new, the layout is new, it even smells different. The problem with all of this new stuff however is that your old stuff is now there. For some items this is fantastic; your old photo’s are a must bring along, select items of furniture are obviously a must, and all of your freezer food has survived the trip across town in a dark and gloomy transit van. For a lot of people the one thing missing from a new home is new technology, as the natural thought process of a human in this consumer driven age is that newer is better. In general this is true, although not always, however in the case of certain electronics it is almost certainly a truth backed up by huge spend being made annually on the very latest gadgets.

So your house is new yet the kit inside isn’t. What to do? Well technology costs money, and certain electronics cost a lot of money, and you just moved in to a new house putting down a considerable amount of money on a mortgage or on a bond if renting. This leaves finance then, or the option to pay for new technology purchases with a loan, but is it really a good idea to go out and acquire products which you can’t afford to buy outright in the first place?

For some, finance and loans are the only way to get new things. Cars can be had on finance or through a loan, sofas can be had on finance or buy now pay later schemes, so why not technology? It isn’t as if finance and loans are only made by those who can’t afford new kit either. A lot of people I have come across take out a loan simply so they don’t dent their bank balance initially, and during the process of this, their credit rating has gotten more positive too due to timely repayments and abiding by agreement. If you play by the rules, finance and loans are pretty safe services available to practically anybody.

If you can afford a loan or to make the finance repayments asked of you when buying technology or gadgets, then, these services are decent options to check out upon checkout. If however you can not knowingly commit to repayments or you know it will be a severe struggle, this service probably is not best for you. That may mean that you have to stick with your old stuff but rest assured, nobody likes to deal with the stress of financial worry.

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