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New Lightweight Thermal Imaging Camera Launched by Micro-Epsilon

[ 0 ] Posted by on June 26, 2013

thermoIMAGER TIM LightWeight

Thermal imaging is one cool area of photography. It’s the process of producing an image of a product, building or any object from the heat it emits.

There are many different types of thermal imaging survey that can be carried out and thermal imaging cameras are expensive pieces of equipment. Common thermography surveys include electrical thermal imaging surveys, mechanical thermal imaging surveys, building thermal imaging surveys, domestic thermal imaging surveys and offshore thermal imaging surveys.

Now, though, a new lightweight thermal imaging camera has been launched by Micro-Epsilon. This camera has been built from the ground up for UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) so that thermographic surveys can be carried out accurately to detect defects in building and land structures from an aerial view.

Called the thermoIMAGER TIM LightWeight (a catchy name, for sure) it consists of a miniature infrared (IR) camera (Micro-Epsilon’s thermoIMAGER TIM 400 or 450 thermal imager) and a miniature lightweight ‘NetBox mini’ PC.

The camera weighs just 380g measuring 111 x 55 x 45mm with an optical resolution of  382 x 288 pixels in a 12ms per frame. Micro-Epsilon hopes that it will prove popular for aerial thermal imaging surveys.

Moving back away from the hi-tech thermoIMAGER TIM LightWeight, thermal imaging has real benefits for homeowners. Thermal imaging surveys can be carried out on homes and business premises to find any areas which could be improved for heat insultaion. This could help individuals and families save money on their energy bills.

Head on over to our source below for the original thermoIMAGER TIM LightWeight coverage. It’s pretty interesting stuff!

Source: Azosensors

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