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Risks of public Wi-Fi we constantly forget about

[ 0 ] Posted by on June 10, 2018


We can’t imagine the world of today without online activities, can we? Nowadays it is not only possible to work from home by the means of remote access but to get the education online as well. Almost every day we visiting public places and kill time by going online.

What are the biggest mistakes we make while browsing the net when using public Wi-Fi?

Online banking, shopping, sharing sensible data with friends via messages and emails – all these may lead to data leakage and savvy hackers may get access to user’s banking information along with passwords, usernames, credit card numbers and many more. While using public hotspots we are making our personal data vulnerable and are inviting frauds to rummage through our private information.

Here are the main reasons why we all should avoid accessing unsecured Wi-Fi networks and read more regarding trusted services that are fully qualified to provide protection against unlawful online activities:

  • Hackers’ attacks, cyber-crimes;
  • Malware and viruses distributing;
  • Monitoring and intercepting of login information, credit card information, personal data and more.

With the right choice of VPN service, users can safely use public Wi-Fi without the fear of getting hacked.

Who will benefit the most from the VPN protection?

We are making online transaction every day and, without any doubts, this requires reliable protection. Here are the most vulnerable Internet users, who will benefit greatly from using VPN tools:

Travellers, students, everyone who are using Wi-Fi network on daily basis. Frauds and hackers love public places when searching for victims. We often provide sensible data online: credit cards numbers, passwords and making this information rather vulnerable. Travelers like sharing new photos with friends and creating an easy access for hackers to steal the data. It is almost impossible to avoid public Wi-Fi as it is available on every corner: business centres, airports, hotels, restaurants are filled with potential victims who don’t even suspect the danger they are in;

Online banking users. It is not the best idea sharing financial data with the rest of the world. With insane popularity and convenience of PayPal and other e-wallet services it is very hard to keep the data private. Travellers like no one else rely on these online services and prefer using them rather carrying cash. Savvy hackers with the right tools can get an access to their accounts leaving travellers broke.

To avoid such misfortunes, it is wise to protect yourself with VPN service. Here are a few reasons to consider getting online protection:

– Unrestricted access to blocked web content;
– Ability to download and upload files;
– Preservation of online anonymity while browsing the web;
– VPNs allow safe remote access to corporate network and files;
– An ability to change IP address location and the unlimited bandwidth along with fast speed of connection.

Apart from mentioned ones there are plenty of other reasons to use VPN protection while exploring the online world.

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