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The Drone Awakens: How drones are fuelling the next generation of adrenaline thrill seekers.

[ 0 ] Posted by on May 20, 2018


If you’ve ever sky dived or base jumped before, you’ll know what I mean when I say there’s nothing that can replicate the feeling of being weightless and plummeting down to earth at over one hundred miles per hour with the wind screaming into your ears. It’s an experience that’s highly recommended by me – to instill a sense of mortality into your gadget-fuelled brain – but what happens if we add the latest technologies to the mix…

…can technology create an adrenaline-pumping activity?

Recently, Subaru covered a wide range of great, fun outdoor activities that are accessible to all age groups and people all over the world. Tech-related adventures Subaru mentioned include Geocaching (an activity  where internet users track down hidden items by GPS using coordinates), but while this activity is interesting and certainly appealing for adventurers, I’ve been on the hunt for something that’ll deliver more of an adrenaline rush.

I am, of course, talking about drones.

Drones have been around for over fifty years, but it’s only now that they’ve started to become popular among everyday consumers. For example, there are lots of fantastic drones you can buy right now, as I discovered from a fantastic list created by

Now I know what you’re thinking – that flying a drone isn’t going to get your heart racing – but what if you could race drones against each other, or even have them fight one another midair?


In Star Wars, drones are flown by Stormtroopers. We’re sadly not yet at the level of technological advancement where we can buy a drone that we can fly to the shops (and if we were, it would be highly regulated anyway), but we are at a level where we can experiment with them.

And experiment people have.

Enthusiasts in southern France set up an assault course for their drones in the woods in Argonay. Claimed to be “Formula 1 for the 21st Century”, drone racing has since moved on to other areas of the world. With the ability to fly up to 70mph with only a real, fleshy human being controlling them, these radio-controlled drones are fuelling the latest adrenaline-junkie’s sport.

The founder of the drone races, Herve Pellarin, said: ‘When we first started there were a lot of broken drones.

‘It takes some practice to fly them – even now there are a few crashes whenever several drones round a tight corner. But the drones are very light so they don’t break easily and can take a fall quite well.’

As drones and quadcopters start to become more accessible – and these sorts of competition reach farther – there’s no reason to think to the contrary that drone-related sports will become huge in the near future.  Plus, they’re safe, with the only risk of injury to the drone itself.

Oh, and if the thought of racing your drone around an assault course doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping, a drone fight club might.

And yes, drone fight clubs do exist.

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