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Vital Tips for Achieving the Ultimate Home Cinema Experience

[ 1 ] Posted by on December 10, 2017

MK Sound Loudspeaker

Home cinema systems are, traditionally, not very good. Homeowners often make several mistakes when setting up their home cinema and the end result is a set up that doesn’t reproduce the sound that television and film directors wanted you to hear. Although setting up a home cinema seems simple at first there are several steps you must take in order to create the ultimate viewing and listening experience.

What are those steps? Read on, friend, read on…

Speaker and listening position

This is the most critical stage of creating your home cinema. The distance between speaker and listening position is often overlooked, with many people sitting too far back or too close to their media set up for it to be as effective as possible.

Sitting 4-metres away from your home cinema is optimal, and facing the set up head on is the ideal position.

Speaker placement

The placement of your speakers will depend on the speaker stands you have, whether your TV is wall-mounted or not, and anything else that may be in the way.

Centre speaker

Home Cinema

The first step towards correct speaker placement is to position your centre speaker. Your centre speaker handles the majority of a films vocabulary and also sound track, with finer details and effects produced by your side speakers. Therefore, just as if you were having a conversation in real life, your centre speaker should face you head on.

Left and right speaker

As noted, your left and right speakers handle the special effects and finer details of a film / TV program. These speakers positions will be determined by where you have placed your centre speaker.

Your left and right speaker must be placed at the same height as your centre speaker. This can be achieved by placing these speakers at a 45 degree angle to the other.


Subwoofers almost always offer up the meatiest bass when they’re placed against a hard wall or within the corner of a room. If you have a TV stand, placing it behind here is a good way to keep things uncluttered.

For the best bass, we recommend that you test different locations out. Every home is different and finding the ideal position will be a matter of trial and error.

Speaker brand

There are recommendations we can make towards brands of speaker that you should check out. A favourite of ours are home cinema speakers from MK Loudspeakers; these are some of the highest quality speakers in the world and the company design and sell speakers in a range of different sizes and specifications, such as the awesome S 150 T THX approved tripolar surround speakers.


As well as brand, you will want to focus on the design of speakers; if your home is traditional, you will not want polished chrome speakers whereas if your home is modern, you’re unlikely to want oak-cast speakers. Integrating speakers in to your home is easy so long as you take the effort to source speakers that will fit right in.

Ultimately, most home cinema systems are not very good because people often overlook best practices, but they can be exceptional – so long as you position your speakers effectively and focus on centre speaker placement, you’re unlikely to run into many issues.

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